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Tate Modern - Dance Performance - July 2016 

What would it mean for choreography to perform as an exhibition? This question formed the starting point for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s latest ground-breaking work at Tate Modern. I was contracted to production and stage manage the complete project. 

The video captured above was taken from her 2012 opening and in 2016 her performance expanded to the Turbine Hall - with dancers performing continuously amongst the public. Audience members were encouraged to sit in and around the dancers on the dance floor and interact with the works.

My Role - Production/Stage Manager

- Managing the dance company Rosas comprising of 20 dancers, 6 musicians, 2 choreographers, 2 set designers from Brussels

- Managing a 5 day set build of a 30m sprung stage, wardrobe install, complex around-sound PA & front of house position in public gallery space

- Managing x 15 free lance production crew  

- Stage managing all rehearsals and performances , call times & BOH

- Managing complete de rig over 48hrs 

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