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Shakespeare School Festival & Henry Holland Collaboration - 2015  

Conceived the idea for producing a range of Charity T-Shirts to boost Development income to the Shakespeare Schools Festival whilst working as Festival Manager at the charity. The Development team posed the question to the staff to come up with a concept that was high impact, high income generating but low risk and low effort. Following this I proposed a charity range of T Shirts and by working with the partnerships team forged the collaboration project with Henry Holland. 

He found fame through his witty slogan t-shirts, and so it only seemed right that Henry Holland should be inspired by the world’s greatest wordsmith. In celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, House of Holland designed 4 limited edition t-shirts in aid of Shakespeare Schools Festival. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Henry said:

“I loved studying Shakespeare through to A-Level and this project feels very timely as my latest runway collection for SS14 was inspired by the Baz Lurhmann interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. It has been really fun to be able to incorporate Shakespeare’s iconic prose into the House of Holland design aesthetic for such a landmark anniversary.”

My Role:

• Managed the UKs largest National Youth Festival (£5M turnover).

• Put 25,000 young people on stage across 110 theatres for 6 weeks of performances.

• Co managed and recruited 160 free-lance staff and 19 permanent coordinators.

• Doubled Festival uptake from previous year.

• Lead on the recruitment, contracting & deal negotiations with 110 National

professional theatres & all box office sales.

• Specialised in the technical delivery of shows also - Festival LX/FX.

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